Here are tomorrow’s assignments: 
UA- Kate’s Pet Silent-e Search (on Google Classroom)- Please complete half of slide 1 today. Then spend 10+ minutes on Lexia.

Writing-  Keep your reading organized by adding at least 3 transition words/phrases to your rough draft. 
Start transition examples: in the beginning, to begin with, first, first of all, to begin with
Continue transition examples: next, then, later, afterwards, eventually
End transition examples: finally, in the end, last, lastly
You can also find lots more transition examples in your writing folder. 

Math- Join our class on Khan Academy (log in using Clever). Once you’ve done this, I can assign you some addition/subtraction practice. In the meantime, do the next Zearn lesson. 

Reading- Read for 20+ minutes. Then, in your reading notebook, do a retell of the 5 most important events from what you read.

Social Studies- In your packet, write down 3 important facts for each of the departments #1-5. 

Social/Emotional (SEL)- Listen to this read aloud: The Boy with Big, Big Feelings


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