Here are Hedy’s assignments for today: 


UA- Kate’s Pet Silent-e Search (on Google Classroom)- Please complete the rest of slide 1 today. Then spend 10+ minutes on Lexia

Writing-  Break your rough draft into paragraphs. You need to start a new paragraph: 

1. Anytime someone new starts talking

2. When the setting changes

3. When time moves forward a lot

4. When you introduce a new character

Math- Complete your assigned Khan Academy lesson. Complete the addition/subtraction worksheet. 

Reading- The page numbers on the packet are a little odd. Complete pages 8, 10 & 11 in your compare and contrast packet (using the page numbers at the bottom of the pages). It may be easy to write the answers, but we are practicing underlining the most important part of the question and showing where we found our answers. If you have time, you can also do pages 4 & 5 that we completed last week when you were absent.

Social Studies- In your packet or on the google doc, write down 3 important facts for departments 6-9.

Social/Emotional (SEL)- Complete your Strength of Feelings worksheet & work on the Growth Mindset hyperdoc (on Google Classroom)

Chromebook Skills– Spend 10+ minutes on Typing Club